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BOTOX® Cosmetic

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BOTOX® Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) is botulinum toxin type A manufactured by Allergan, Inc. BOTOX® Cosmetic is FDA-approved in adults for the treatment of moderate to severe frown lines (found between the eyebrows) and crows feet lines. BOTOX® Cosmetic is a safe and effective treatment that provides noticeable results in just a few days. BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected directly into or nearby the muscles that cause facial wrinkles such as glabellar frown lines, transverse forehead wrinkles (or “worry lines”) and crows feet. By targeting these muscles their activity is greatly reduced resulting in improvement or elimination of the overlying wrinkle. BOTOX® Cosmetic is also used to adjust facial shape including refinement of the lower face and jawline, eyebrow position and sometimes even the aesthetics of the lips and neck. As an advanced injector, Dr. O’Connell has experience treating facial paralysis and facial muscle spasms with BOTOX® injections.

How Does BOTOX® Cosmetic Work

Botulinum toxin is a product of the bacterium, clostridium botulinum. This bacteria, which occurs naturally in the environment, makes 7 different strains of neurotoxin all of which inhibit acetylcholine release at the neuromuscular junction leading to a flaccid paralysis or “relaxation.” When used in small doses, this protein, which is produced commercially in “A” and “B” forms, can be used for medical and cosmetic purposes. While botulinum toxin has a myriad of uses, including treatment of headaches, essential blepharospasm, grinding of the teeth (bruxism) and excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), its cosmetic use is the most widely publicized. This botulinum toxin is not the same strain associated with botulism.

Why are BOTOX® Injections Different at Total Aesthetics™?

Video: BOTOX® Injection with the Accuvein Device

What Are the Aesthetic Goals of BOTOX® Cosmetic Treatment at Total Aesthetics™?

As one of the most experienced and sought after injectors in the Northeast, Dr. O’Connell routinely utilizes the most advanced techniques to optimize facial shape and aesthetics including refining the jawline with the Nefertiti Lift, lower facial shaping through adjustment of masseter volume, as well as treatment of neck bands, the pebbly chin, the gummy smile and perioral lines.  His goal is to achieve a natural, confident, rested look without an artificial or wooden appearance and he prefers his patients to have some residual natural brow motion without a shiny, overly paralyzed forehead or inanimate glabellar complex.

How Many BOTOX® Injection Treatments Will I Need?

The dosage and actual number of injections will be determined by Dr. O’Connell based upon a close evaluation of your facial aesthetics including brow shape as well as forehead height and wrinkle pattern.  Results will usually appear in about three days following treatment. With subsequent treatments, the exact dosage as well as the number and precise location of the injections is constantly refined by Dr. O’Connell in order to optimize your aesthetic correction.

How Long Will My BOTOX® Cosmetic Last?

Results typically last three to four months and some patients are able to obtain longer duration with repeated use.  Correction of hyperhidrosis averages about six months and the most commonly treated areas include the palms, arm-pits, soles of the feet and face.


Treatment of forehead with BOTOX® Cosmetic.

Treatment of crows feet with BOTOX® Cosmetic.

What Are the Different “Levels” of BOTOX® Cosmetic Provider?

Allergan designates several different levels of provider based upon utilization of their products including BOTOX® Cosmetic.  As a platinum level provider, Dr. O’Connell is one of the most experienced BOTOX® Cosmetic and filler injectors in the United States.  Caution is advised here because Allergan’s designation can refer to the facility and not necessarily the actual injector – this is not the case at Total Aesthetics™ where Dr. O’Connell is the only provider who injects BOTOX® Cosmetic and fillers.

Is BOTOX® Cosmetic Covered by my Insurance?

Some insurance carriers provide reimbursement for treatment of headaches, facial paralysis, muscle spasms, hyperhidrosis and other conditions with BOTOX® injections.  We will be happy to assist you with processing your claim for legitimate functional use of BOTOX® Cosmetic but we cannot, of course, assist in submission for aesthetic use.   Payment for all uses, cosmetic or otherwise, is required at the time of service.