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The JUVEDERM® Family of Fillers

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The JUVEDERM® family from Allergan is the largest selling group of hyaluronic acid based fillers in the U.S. These products represent a collection of injectable fillers with each member of the collection offering unique advantages. While the products are marketed by facial area they are not restricted to any given area. The designation “XC” in the product name signifies that it contains lidocaine to ease the discomfort associated with injection. At Total Aesthetics we want your filler experience to be as comfortable as possible – we’re pleased to offer both vibrational analgesia as well as ProNox to ease the discomfort associated with injection.

The JUVEDERM® collection includes the following:

What are the Aesthetic Goals of Juvederm® at Total Aesthetics™

As one of the most experienced and sought after injectors in New England, Dr. O’Connell’s goal with all relaxers and fillers is to achieve a confident, natural and rested look without an artificial, overdone appearance.  We believe that fillers require highly educated injectors with great experience and skill in the area of facial aesthetics, to obtain a natural, “untreated” appearance – that’s why we feel that board certified plastic surgeons are uniquely qualified in this regard.

Why your JUVEDERM® Experience will be different at Total Aesthetics


Treatment of nasolabial folds with 1.0 cc JUVEDERM® Ultra XC. Result at one month post-treatment.

Chin and jawline augmentation with JUVEDERM® Voluma.